Innovative treatments for musculoskeletal pathologies. From preoperative virtual planning to regenerative medicine

TI-RAMS is a Network Project born from the collaboration between the main national Scientific Hospitalization and Care Institutes - (IRCCS ) in the field of treatment of musculoskeletal disorders

The Conference will talk about the main issues, the activities carried out, the criticalities encountered during the year of collaboration, with particular reference to the application of innovative treatments in the field of musculoskeletal pathologies, with particular reference to in silico medicine and medicine. regenerative.

President of the conference : Dott. Giovanni Trisolino

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event nr 5798-367503 only for Italian people :

Surgeon specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pediatric Surgery, Orthopedics and Traumatology, NeurosurgeryRadiodiagnostics, Biologist.

Biomedical laboratory health technician, Radiology health technician, Orthopedic technician

4 credits 


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