Advanced Calcification Analysis

Webinar type course
combined with live interaction at the end of the course

The course will be divided as follows:
1st step: on 09 January 2023 you will receive 4 master's lectures by Prof Tabar from
listen during the first week
* by January 15th 2023 you can send any questions and considerations
to the email address:
2nd step: on January 16th 2023 you will receive another 4 master's lessons from
listen during the second week
* by 22 January 2023 you can send any questions and considerations
to the email address:
3rd step: on January 28, 2023 from 09 to 13 the online meeting of the
duration of 4 hours with Prof Tabar in which the cases and the cases will be discussed
problems encountered.--

Presidente: Prof. L.Tabar
Date: January 28, 2023
Città: webinar

The event will be accredited for the professional figure of Surgeon specialized in Medicine
General (Family Doctors), Oncology, Radiotherapy, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery e
Reconstructive, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pathological Anatomy, Radiodiagnostics, Epidemiology and for
Health Technician of Medical Radiology, obtaining 4.5 ECM ITALIAN credits 

Registration Fee: € 150.00 + VAT 22%

THE REGISTRATION FEE INCLUDES: 8 Lectures (which, as you can see from Prof Tabar's website - https: // - would cost $ 40 each) plus participation in the
webinar with simultaneous translation service. All the material will be visible and usable until January 28th
2023 after that date it will no longer be possible to view the readings.
Registration for the course will be completed only after payment of the registration fee and the
correct and complete compilation of the relative form on the website:

Programma dell'evento:


Modulo di Iscrizione

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