XV Corso Nazionale di Analisi del Movimento in ambito Clinico Challenge 2023

Instrumental movement analysis is proving to be an indispensable tool for understanding functional changes in the locomotor system, for supporting clinical decision-making and planning of therapeutic/rehabilitation intervention, and for evaluating and documenting results. Traditionally, SIAMOC (Italian Society of Movement Analysis in Clinic) organizes the Challenge, which consists of lectures and intensive laboratory activities in order to provide certain knowledge to learners

President: Prof.sa Maria Grazia Benedetti , Prof.sa Rita Stagni 
Date:  October  18/212023
City: Bologna

The Course was accredited (Event No. 5798-394647) and obtained 35.2 CME training credits for the following professionals:

Italian Surgeon: specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Neurology, Child Neuropsychiatry, Orthopedics and Traumatology, General Medicine (family physicians), Psychotherapy.

Biologist; Podiatrist; Occupational Therapist; Piscologist: psychology and psychotherapy; Orthopedic Technician; Physical Therapist; Developmental Neuro and Psychomotricity Therapist; Neurophysiopathology Technician

Engineers (biomedical, electronic and computer science) can register without CME credits.

Registration Fee:

SIAMOC ordinary member euro 450.00
NON SIAMOC member euro 500,00
SIAMOC junior member (<31years old) euro 350.00
NON SIAMOC junior member (<31 years old) euro 400.00

Programma dell'evento:

Modulo di Iscrizione

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